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The company history

Boekestijn Transport Service was started in 1994 in Mill. In those days there were three Boekestijn trucks on the road. By  always sticking to our motto that we drive for you and that your wishes are the most important guidelines for the transport, the  company has grown into a transport company of international standing in Europe and beyond.

In 1999 a new office was opened in Pniewy, Poland. This way Boekestijn Transport Service can rightly call itself an international transportation company. Such was the growth that this subsidiary was moved to Komorniki in 2006. At the start of 2015 it was decided to swap this location for Gadki, the logistical heart of the Poznan region. We chose a facility here with capacity for warehousing and cross-docking. Since then our intercity and local activities to and within Poland has grown significantly. In both Mill and Gadki, Boekestijn Transport Service has its own storage and transshipment, in order to meet the customer’s wishes.

In 2007 Boekestijn Transport Service took over R&W Fashion Transport. This transport company, which was mainly specialized in the area of fashion transport – hanging as well as lying – travelled mainly to the Balkans. This was a good fit with Boekestijn Transport Service’s international activities at the time. Nowadays this part of Boekestijn Transport Service is called Boekestijn Fashion Logistics.

In 2009 Boekestijn Transport service has opened a subsidiary in Chisinau, Moldavia. This decision was taken due to the shortage of well-trained drivers in Poland. Seeing as our company has been growing fast since 2009, attracting good personnel is very important. After all, they are the foundation the company is built on. That’s why Boekestijn Transport Service has opened its own driver’s academy in Moldavia. In this way we can be sure that all of our employees’ professionalism is at the same high level.

Boekestijn Transport Service trucks have travelled just about everywhere; from the Ural Mountains to the Strait of Gibraltar and from Turkey to Finland. It’s the challenge for Boekestijn Transport Service to fulfill all your wishes. Whether it is the transportation of a Formula 1 car to the racing circuit in Monza or the Dutch National football team’s footballs that are needed in Belarus. Everything is possible with Boekestijn Transport Service.

Over the years, Boekestijn Transport Service has reached various milestones. For instance, early in 2016 they've put our 250th truck into operation, and in 2018 they’ve put their 300th truck on the road. The maintenance and servicing of all these trucks and trailers is carried out in the own workshop of Boekestijn Transport Serivce in Mill, the Netherlands.