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First TAPA-TSR 2017 certification for Boekestijn Transport.

Boekestijn Transport is the first company in Europe which is TAPA-TSR-1 2017 certified. Boekestijn Transport is specialized in High Value transport and the main criteria to be this is to garantuee the security of the transports.

TAPA means Transported Asset Protection Asscociation and in the road transport TSR is added, which means Trucking Security Requirements which contains two different parts. First part is for the trucking service and second part is for the logistic service providers.  Boekestijn Transport gained both, so we can provide you the full security service package.

Again, this proves the pioneer status of Boekestijn Transport Service in the security field. The certification has been updated since 01-07-2017 and by certifieng immediately in July Boekestijn Transport shows to be fully up-to-date of the latest security standards.