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25th Anniversary

MILL - 1994: Brothers Arno and Peter Boekestijn set up a home office and Boekestijn Transport Service is born! A successful start allowed them move to a new office building in the village of Mill in 1995.


Continued success lead to the purchase of the first Boekestijn trucks and from that moment you see the green Boekestijn letters on the road. Boekestijn Transport Service had great success in niche markets such as Russia resulting in the establishment of Boekestijn Transport Service Poland in 1999.


In the next 10 years, the Boekestijn Transport Service fleet continues to grow and in 2008 an additional 100 trucks were added to the fleet. Boekestijn current specializes in various forms of High Value Transport including Pharma and Hanging Garments with a fleet of 360 trucks. 


With branches in the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Ireland, Belarus, Moldova and Macedonia, Boekestijn Transport Service has become a pan European High Value specialist. 


This year Boekestijn Transport Service celebrates its 25th anniversary. It is with great sadness that the director and co-founder Arno Boekestijn was not able to celebrate this milestone. He died unexpectedly from a heart attack two weeks before our planned celebration.


 With pride but restraint, the anniversary was held in private and with the help and the boundless support of all colleagues, Arno's life was celebrated.


In honor of the 25th anniversary, our first new mirrorless Mercedes Actros Gigaspace is equipped with a very special anniversary edition livery.