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Working with social distance

Social distancing, the most powerful weapon of today. Everywhere in the world people & companies are challenged to adjust themselves to

Eu's COVID-19 border management

You can see the actual border delays here : Covid-19 border check EU's COVID-19 border management The coronavirus crisis has

Covid-19 Boekestijn Transport

We all know the saying, without transport everything stands still. Even when everything is locked down due to the COVID-19 virus, transport

IRU Logistics and Innovation

Boekestijn Transport was present on the IRU’s Logistics and Innovation Forum 2020. Together with other industry leaders and

New office in Poland for Boekestijn Transport

To facilitate our steady developing organization, we decided to acquire some plots of ground in the neighborhood of Poznan. Just 1

Boekestijn Liquid Pharma Logistics.

A new year means new challenges. After preparation for almost a year, we now succeeded in our first liquid pharma transport. As GDP

Increasing our fleet with 100 trucks

Together with some major (new) customers, we discussed the extension of our Trucking activities in Poland. The challenging business of

Compensating CO2 emission

In less than one year after we totally renovated our office in Mill, by placing 120 solar panels on the roof to compensate for our CO2

TAPA EMEA Dublin 2019

Against a backdrop of record-breaking growth in recorded cargo crime, the need for end-to-end supply chain resilience has never been

25th Anniversary

MILL - 1994: Brothers Arno and Peter Boekestijn set up a home office and Boekestijn Transport Service is born! A successful start allowed

Truck fleet increased to over 350 trucks!

Boekestijn Transport Service is finishing an investment program this month by welcoming the last of 50 new trucks to their fleet. Between

Compensating CO2 emissions

Boekestijn Transport Service is active in many different ways to compensate or reduce the CO2 emissions. Several programs have been in